Research Projects


SRCS Joint Research Project at the Research Center for Humanities and Social Science (2008-2013):

• East Asian Modernity and the Nation State: Rethinking Politics, Aesthetics and Ethics


Individual research projects:


Joyce Cui-Hui Liu

1. Lacan and Badiou: Rethinking Politics, Aesthetics and Ethics (2008-2011)
2. Discourse on Modernity in Early 20th Century China (2006-2009)
3. Late Kristevan Thoughts on Politics and Language (2002-2005)


Yuan-Horng Chu

1. The Mathematic Roots of Postmodern Thoughts (2006-2007)
2. Cross-thoughts with Ian Hacking on Autism (2008-2009)
3. The Interactive Kinds of the Unsociable or the Subhuman Forms-of-Life: A Biopolitical Question


Kuan-Hsing Chen

1. South Korea's Third World National Literature: Paik Nakchung and Hwang Sok-yong (2008/08 ~ 2009/07)
2. The Contemporary Chinese Intellectual Circle Interfaced Through Lu Xun (2009/08 ~ 2010/07)
3. Chen Yingzhen: Conference on Thoughts and Literature (2009/11/20 ~ 2009/11/22)


Shu-fen Lin

1. The Ethico-Political Question in Post-Structuralism (2003~2005)
2. Transcendence, Immanence and Radical Democracy (2005~2007)
3. The Reading of Machiavelli by the Left (2007~2009)
4. Badiou, Balibar, Rancière: Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics (2009~2012)


Der-Liang Chiou

1. One Artificial Paradise, Two Cultures of Opium's Consumption: A Comparative Study Between 19th Century Europe and Late Imperial China.
2. Jacques Derrida's Politics and Ethics of Event.
3. Opium Scapegoat: A Cultural Logic of State-building by Anti-opium Movements in Modern China