Research Directions


Social and Cultural Institute Research Teams and Long-term Development Plan.

The Institute was created in 2002 with the goal of deepening the implementation of critical theories and cultural studies. Since 2003, our research team has promoted politics, aesthetics, and ethics, as core research areas among our long-term research projects. To support this goal, conducting study sessions, planning workshops, and implementing publishing programs are ongoing endeavors. The Institute has three research centers: 【The Asia Pacific / Culture Center】 、 【The Center for Humanities and Social Theory】、 and【The Center for Emergent Cultural Studies】 which jointly promote academic research activities.

Integrated Research Projects. From 2008, the Institute has provided East Asian Modernity and Critical Thinking as a research area, and the research was added to the National Science Council grant program book. The program's main goal is a critical re-thinking of the process of modernity in different historical contexts and institutional structures. Furthermore, the aim is to re-examine East Asia (Northeast Asia) and construct knowledge of modernity and how it is associated with the formation of the nation-state. This project is designed as a five to ten year, long-range research plan.

Individual research projects: In addition to implementation of the integrated programs, the National Science Council and other units provide subsidies to support individual research projects.

Joyce C. H. Liu

■ Lacan and Badiou: Re-thinking Politics, Ethics and Aesthetics (97.8.1-100.7.31)
■ Re-exploration of Early Twentieth Century China / Taiwan's Modern Political Discourse (94.8.1- 97.7.31)
■ Julia Kristeva: Recent Study of Psychoanalytic Thinking (91.8.1-94.7.31)

Yuan-Horng Chu

■ Reference to the Autistic Inquiry of Yien Ha Jin (97.8.1-98.7.31)
■ Post-modern Thinking Concerning the Roots of Modern Mathematics (94.8.1-95.7.31)
■ An Artificial Paradise - Two Opium Consumer Cultures: Comparative Study of Nineteenth-century Europe and China of the Late Qing dynasty.

Kuan-Hsing Chen

■ South Korea's Third-world National Literary Theory: Paik Nak-chung and Huang Zhe (97.8.1-98.7.31)
■ War, Life, Politics and History Writing: East Asia's Third-world Consciousness Structure

Shu-fen Lin

■ A Leftist Reading of Machiavelli (96.8.1-98.7.31)
■ Transcendence, Interiority and Radical Democracy (94.8.1-96.7.31)
■ Post-structuralism in Ethical - and Political Issues (92.8.1-94.7.31)

Der-Liang Chiou

■ Derrida on Politics and Ethics (97.8.1-98.7.31)
■ An Artificial Paradise - Two Opium Consumer Cultures: Comparative Study of Nineteenth-century Europe and China of the Late Qing Dynasty.

Jacob Te-Chi Wei

■ Between the Transcendent and the Inherent


The cultural studies network is supported by the University System of Taiwan. Cultural studies was established as part of the University System of Taiwan in 2003 and includes Chiao-Tung University, Tsinghua University and National Central University. Additionally, MA and PhD programs are currently based on international research cooperation to promote a more diverse research center.

International Conferences
Continued research activities within the years of 2008-2012 were used to set the main themes of the International Conferences organized by the Institute.
2008-2009 - International Conference  on Life, Politics, and Ethics
2009-2011 - Community, Sovereignty, Law - International Conference on Borders
2011-2012 - Events and Historical Reconstructions: International Conference on the Writing of World History

In order to implement the above-mentioned long-term research programs, our research teams hold advanced reading sessions and invite current MA and PhD graduate students and colleagues to participate in research activities.
Topics include: Community, war / civil war, post-modern thinking and roots of mathematics, contemporary thoughts: Spinoza, Deleuze, Foucault and biopolitics, sovereignty and borders.
■ Spring 2003 – "Post-modern Series"
■ Fall 2003 to spring 2004 – "Community"
■ Spring 2004 – "Incident"
■ Fall 2004 to spring 2005 – "War, Civil War"
■ Fall 2005 – "Post-modern Thinking of the Root of Modern Mathematics"
■ Spring 2006 – "Spinoza and Modernity"
■ Fall 2007 – "Deleuze and Spinoza"
■ 2008 to 2009 – "Foucault and Biopolitics"
■ 2009 to 2010 – "Sovereignty and Boundaries"

Classic Translation Project
A team of teachers and doctoral students engaged in classic theory work for the long-term Translation Project Workshop:
Jacque Rancière Project (2008-2010):
■ Teacher: Liuji Hui, Shu-Fen Lin, Wei Ji
■ PhD: Guan Xiu Hui, Yang Chun-han, Yang Han, Wen XUE Xi-ping, Chen Kelun
■ Works:
1992---Les Noms de l'histoire. Essai de poétique du savoir. Paris : Editions du Seuil. (The Names of History: on the Poetics of Knowledge, trans. Hassan Melehy, intro. Hayden White, Minneapolis : University of Minnesota Press, 1994).
1995---La Mésentente. Politique et philosophie. Paris: Galilée (Disagreement: Politics and Philosophy, trans. Julie Rose. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1999).
2000---Le partage du sensible. Esthétique et politique. Paris: La Fabrique. (The Politics of Aesthetics)

Scientific publications

1.1. Administrative support for the Journal of Cultural Studies– editing and printing.
1.2. Support for Inter-Asia/Cultural Studies - publication.
1.3. Editing and publishing top papers from symposiums in the form of books or collections.
1.4. Publication of the classic theory series translated by professors in cooperation with PhD graduate students.

Social and Cultural International Co-operation
International Lecture Series: Social and cultural cooperation has been driven over the years by extending invitations to internationally renowned scholars to carry out a series of international seminars. Invitees include Chinese scholars such as: Zhou Lei, Wang Hui, Sun Ge, Dai Jin-hua, Yang Nian-Qun, Chen Si-He, Wang Xiao- Ming, as well as Japanese scholars: Koyasu Nobukuni, Tetsuya Takahashi, Naoki Sakai, Kawashima, also South Korean scholars: Jie-Hyun Lim, Cho Hee Yeon. European and American scholars are represented by: Wlad Godzich, Tony Bennett, Paul A.Bove, Ien Ang, Scott Lash, Samuel Weber, Michael Dutton, Pheng Cheah, M. Francois Jullien, Alain Brossat, Tejaswini Niranja, and Rada Ivekovic.

The Department of Philosophy at the University of Paris VIII: Since 2005, the Institute has been collaborating with the Department of Philosophy at University of Paris VIII, which provides researchers and graduate students with academic exchanges. So far, the cooperation program has successfully held three international conferences, including, in 2005, "War. Civil war" (Taiwan); in 2007, "Culture - Politics" (France); and in 2009, " Biopolitics and ethics - modern problems " (Taiwan). In addition to this cooperative project, researchers from both institutions publish papers concerning related issues in order to share results of their research. The graduate students also participate in publishing papers within the framework of workshops (Summer School). From "War, Civil War," in 2005, the number of participating members grew from 40 that year to 90 people in 2009. A small international conference was also planned in 2010: "Sovereignty, Borders, and the Question of Modernity in East Asia".

Shanghai University: An Academic Exchange Agreement was signed at the beginning of 2009 to carry out academic and teaching exchanges and plan post-graduate dissertation workshops.

Consortium of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Institutions: Social and Cultural Departments of 18 countries within the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies system have signed a formal memorandum of cooperation. In addition to promoting the establishment of the Consortium of Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Institutions, exchange visits are performed regularly for the cross-border establishment of international joint PhD programs.

Historical, social and cultural cooperation and International Conferences

2005/1/8-9: “Abroad… ? Chinese Festival", International Symposium, Hsinchu Jiaotong University 
2005/3/5-6: "Between the Real and Ethics: Psychoanalysis and Cultural Theory Seminar" Howard International Cultural and Educational Center in Taipei. 
2005/6/24-27: Pólemos, Stásis (War, Civil War) - an International Symposium. (in cooperation with the Philosophy Dept, University of Paris VIII) , Yilan, Taiwan. 
2007/9/2-8: Culture and Politics - Summer Research Institute in Chilhac, Chilhac Auvergne, France (in cooperation with the Philosophy Dept, University of Paris VIII). 
2007/12/27-29: “Politics, Ethics, Aesthetic " - International Seminar. Tetsuya Takahashi - post-war responsibilities theory and the Yasukuni Shrine issue, National Chiao-Tung University in Hsinchu and Han-Tang in Taipei. 
2007/6/30: "The Post-war Justice, Forgiveness, Denying the History"- Symposium, Jiao-Tong University, Taipei campus. 
2008/4/8-9: "Politics, Ethics, Aesthetics" - International Seminar: Koyasu Nobukuni, National Chiao- Tung University in Hsinchu and Han-Tang in Taipei 
2009/6/24-28: " Biopolitics, Ethics, Technology - Modern Problems", Chiao-Tung University in Hsinchu. (In cooperation with the Philosophy Dept, University of Paris VIII).