Graduate Papers


Graduate yearStudent IDStudentPaper titleAdvisor
1060359710Xia, Si-Yu Resistance and Integration of Contemporary Chinese Photographic Arts in the 1990s: The Case of New Photo Liu, Chih-Hui
1060089705Tang, Hung-Ting Cultural Political Economy of Hip Hop in Taiwan : Discursive Trajectories of’’ Keeping It Real’’ in Black Hollywood, East Asia Hip Hop and Chinese-Black Rap Tang, Wei-Min
1069949808NOEL JEAN CLAUDE The 120 Days of Sodom of Marquis de Sade, or Nature in all Its States: Beyond Physis and Metaphysis "Chu,, Yuan Horng Alain BROSSAT"
1060359704Wang, Luo Deconstructing National Community: Regarding Anti-Japan Propaganda Films in Long Seventies Liu, Joyce C.H.
1060559704Chang, En-Wei Criminological study on aid in dying of Taiwan  
1060359702Lin, Pei-Jin The Shelter Effect of Infatuation with Korean oppa: A study of Fandom Culture in Taiwan Chiou, Der-Liang
1060459702Chou, Chia-Hsin Immigrant Community: Classism and the Social Status of the Yunnan-Chinese Population in Northern Burma. Liu, Joyce C.H.
1060359704Yu ,Hui-Jen Between “Normativeness” and “Emancipation”-- The re-interpretation of music politics in Ji Kang's?“Sheng Wu Ai Le Lun” Liu, Joyce C.H.
1050259703劉詩婕 Taiwan part-time free worker Chiou, Der-Liang
1050089708Kraus, Filip Colonial Prostitution and Sexuality as a Dispositive of Biopower? Chun ,Allen
1059549804Chen, Chiung-Chih The Configuration of Migration of the Philippines Wang, Hong-Zen
1050159701Chiu, Tzu-Min De-constructing Happiness: A Study of the Recession of the Post-1980 Generation in Contemporary Taiwan Society Through the Phenomenon of "xiaoquexin" (Little Happiness) Liu, Chi-Hui
1059641525Margarita Shutova Skinhead Movement in Modern Russia: Different Kinds of Representation Silvio, Teri J.
1059949805Francklin Benjamin The aporias of citizenship in the context and after the haitian Revolution (1791-1987): Popular struggles, emancipation and recognition Alain Brossat & LIU, Joyce C.H.
1059849808Francesca Pierini Anglophone Popular Narratives of Italian Otherness and the Politics of Orientalizing Southern Europe Joyce C. H. Liu
1059849803Tang, Hui-Yu The Politics of the Plebs: From Cultural Decolonization to Chen Chieh-Jen’s Sensible Production Liu, Chih-Hui
1050359713Olena,Vasylcukova Constitutional Future of Taiwan: Current Dilemmas and Possible Solutions of Cross-Strait Gridlock Joyce C.H.Liu
1050359709Chen, Ran-Yong The Reception of Contemporary Chinese Literature in Taiwan (1975-1985) PENG, Ming-Wei
1050259707Li, Yu-Chen An Open Passage or a Blockaded Zone? Maritime Border Politics of Taiwan Strait after 1949 Liu, Chi-Hui
1049449802Chen, Man-hua Art and Cultural Politics: The Subject Formation of Taiwanese Art after World War Two Yen, Chuan-ying