Social, Cultural, Political thoughts

Taiwan Culture Studies

Modernity in East Asia

Comparative Study of Cultural History

Social, cultural, political thoughts:


contemporary continental thought and dispute, the nation-state and its future, post-colonial theory, psychoanalysis, visual theory, politics, aesthetics and ethics, subject and speech, life politics, memory politics, events and timing, sociology of the senses, consumer society.

  • Current Debates in Social Thoughts
  • State Formation and Cultural Construction
  • Nation-State and its Future
  • Colonial Societies and Postcolonial Theories
  • The Sacred and the Abject
  • Identification and Subjectivity
  • Power and Subject
  • Subjectivity and its Vicissitudes: Descartes to LĂ©vinas
  • Postwar Ethics
  • Political Violence: A Cultural Analysis
  • Topics in Visual Theory: Desire, Power and the Other
  • Topics in Visual Theory: Memory, Writing and Performance
  • Seminar on Speaking Subject
  • Seminar on Lacan and Badiou
  • Seminar on Julia Kristeva


Taiwan Culture Studies:


colonial modernity in Taiwan, Taiwan's social movement’s research, Taiwan's sub-cultural studies, criticism of cultural policy, video ethnography, video cultural studies, urban ethnography.

  • The History of Taiwan
  • Topics in Taiwan Popular Culture
  • The Imperial Citizen and the Subject of Modernity in Japanese Colonial Period
  • Taiwan Subculture studies
  • Critical Cultural Policy Studies: Taiwan
  • Cultural Policy and Power: Taiwan


Modernity in East Asia:


Asian contemporary themes, intellectual resources, Lu Xun and cultural criticism, Chen Ying-Chen - thoughts and literature, Qian Liqun Lu Xun studies and the Third World's situation.

  • Modernity in Asia: the Topology of the Subject
  • Modernity in Asia: Ethics and Aesthetics
  • Modernity in Asia: Retreating the Political
  • Modernity and Cultural Translation
  • Intellectual Resources in Asia: Qian Liqun
  • Intellectual Resources in Asia: Lu Xun


Comparative Study of Cultural History:


Intellectual history, cultural history and cultural sociology, physical history, history of Western classical philosophy.

  • Cultural history and sociology of culture
  • Social Life and Cultural History
  • The Poetry of History
  • Event and History: Politics of Mourning
  • Comparative study of Narcotic Culture
  • A history of Reception: Michel de Certeau