Features of the Institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies (PhD program)

●Critical Thoughts and Asian Modernity
Important Directions for Development: “Society, Culture and Political Thoughts,” “Studies on Taiwanese Culture,” “East-Asian Modernity,” and “Comparative Studies in Cultural History” courses, and the facilitation of Taiwan-Hong Kong joint-courses. In the future, there are courses planned on the “History, Culture, and Society of Hong Kong,” and various questions will be addressed about Taiwan linked to East Asia, to Asia, and to the World, based on historical context and theoretical thinking.

●University System of Taiwan (UST) Inter-School Platform
In addition to “Critical Thoughts and Asian Modernity” in the International Program in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, which is organized and led by the Institute, UST also offers inter-school courses in the areas of: “Gender/Sexualities Studies,” “Visual Cultures,” and “Contemporary Thought-Trends and Social Movements.”

●International Learning Environment
We continuously invite international scholars to be the guest lecturers. This year, we will invite Bai Yong Rei (Yonsei University of Korea), Douglas Kellner (UCLA), Alain Brossat (University of Paris VIII), and long-term (or short-term) visiting scholars from Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea. We also provide students with international academic conferences and workshops, including: (1) 2014 Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society Summer School (Key issue: Modern Asian Thought), which was held by the International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan, the Inter-Asia Cultural Studies Society, and the Inter-Asia School; (2) Albania Summer School∕The Political Uses of Body, hosted by the Sociology and Politics Department of Tiranë University, Albania, ici et Ailleurs pour une Philosophie Nomade, the Network Diagonal, National Chiao Tung University Institute of Social Research and Cultural Studies, and the International Institute for Cultural Studies, University System of Taiwan; (3) The Nanjing University Cross-Strait Forum on Social Critique.

Office of International Affairs

Office of Internation Affairs

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Exchange Students

Application for Incoming Exchange Students

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PhD Applicants:
Please send all application materials to the Office of International Affairs ( by the deadlines listed above (please double check the deadlines on the OIA website). If applications and corresponding materials are not postmarked from the sending country by the deadline or delivered to the OIA office by the deadline, they will not be considered. In addition to the materials requested on the OIA website, please submit the following materials in order to apply for the Institute for Social Research and Cultural Studies doctoral program:

1: 2 application forms (printed out after you have filled out the online application) each with 2-inch photographs of the applicant attached
2: Official academic transcripts from previous universities and graduate schools (covering the highest level of education so far attained)
3: Master’s thesis (if not yet complete, please send the current draft and a sample of academic writing or published works)
4: 2-3 recommendation letters from advisors, teachers, or workplace supervisors in sealed and signed envelopes
5: A study plan limited to 3000 words
6: A short biography, curriculum vitae, and catalog of published works
7: Up to two sample academic works
8: Copies of other achievements (such as certificates, awards, GEPT, TOEFL, GRE, or other language exam scores for Chinese or English)
9: Other academic achievement records, such as test scores required for your home university system, equivalent qualifications, or graduate level published works
10: Work experience history for at least the past two years and any recognitions or achievements received from work